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Silver Diamond
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14th-Mar-2016 07:19 pm - Shuuten Unknown 5 pre-order up
You can now preorder the last Shuuten Unknown book on places like cdJapan and Amazon.jp! Release date is April 15.
According to ANN, the final chapter's gonna be published in the February issue of Comic Garden, and the last volume in April.

Man, this is her shortest series yet; I hope whatever she work on next is longer! :O
Looks like (some of) Tokyopop's English version of Silver Diamond is being sold digitally on the US Amazon! I only see volumes 2-6 available, and they're being sold for $4.99 apiece. Anyone gonna pick these up?

Uh-oh, guys. I bought one to check it out, and someone's selling Sweet Lunacy's scanlation as an ebook. :\ I'm gonna contact Amazon about it, and I recommend you do, too.
23rd-Nov-2015 12:58 pm - [Selling] Silver Diamond manga
Cleaning my bookshelves and decided to let go of my Silver Diamond manga.

English and Japanese versions for sale HERE.
"Tokyopop announced at its Anime Expo panel on Thursday that it is planning to begin publishing manga again in 2016. The company is seeking to license "hidden gems that are not yet noticed" from small or independent publishers.

In addition, Tokyopop plans to publish art books and collectors editions, and will consider light novels.

The company is also looking to get into film and television production."

ANN article

No word on whether they're going to pick up any of their previous licenses (*cough*Silver Diamond*cough*).
ao tsubaki
26th-Apr-2015 08:33 pm - Shuuten Unknown 4 release date
Release date is May 15th.

Edit: Cover image from here

 photo news_thumb_syutenunknown3.jpg

Shiho Sugiura will be holding a signing event and exhibition in timing with the 3rd volume of Shuuten Unknown. Volume 3 will be out Nov 15th. Info on the event and exhibition here
30th-May-2014 09:46 pm - Chinese Silver Diamond?
Would anyone happen to know a site where I could buy the Chinese edition of Silver Diamond?

EDIT: A kind person has directed me to this website, which offers a selection of Chinese-language manga. I'll leave that here in case anyone else is interested. :)

And has SD been published in any other languages other than Japanese, English, French, German, Korean, and Chinese?

(Note: I'm not looking for Chinese raws, but the actual physical books.)

Greetings, Silver Diamond fans!

The Prince and I would like to announce that the amatoempire community is now under our management! Which means, no more scanlations from here on out! *evil laugh*

Click HERE for more details!

The amatoempire community is holding an Silver Diamond event this April! If enough people participate in the event, they'll be releasing another chapter or two before the month ends, so make sure to check it out and join the fun! Also, chapter 57 has just been released! ^^

ETA (2014/4/19): Another survey and an objective quiz was posted! Can you manage to answer all the quiz questions correctly? Also, there was apparently a page missing (in between 133 and 134, I think?) in the first release of chapter 57, so if you downloaded the scanlation within the first week, try and download it again now. ^^; We've added the page. It's Hoshi's fault, I swear!
22nd-Mar-2014 05:37 pm - Silver Diamond Fanvids Rec Post
Back when I was looking for SD doujinshi a couple weeks back, I found out that there were Silver Diamond fanvids on Niconico Douga. *u* Of course, the characters weren't really animated SD hasn't been adapted into an anime yet. WHY?! ;_;, but a lot of them were pretty Well made regardless. So I decided to make a rec post!

Links under the cutCollapse )

Lastly, I wasn't planning to have a poll this time, but the otome game fanvid got me inspired:
Poll #1961617 Silver Diamond Otome Game

If there was a Silver Diamond otome game, which character's route would you want to play the most?

Rakan Sawa
Chigusa Senroh
Narushige Shigeka
Tohji Tohno
Ayame Prince
Kinrei Kingen
Hakubi Shirakawa
Tokura Wato (?!)
Yoruaki Yorubashi
Rikka Kagan

Personally, I think Chigusa's would be the most entertaining, (A lot of flirting in on Chigusa's side, but the heroine would probably be oblivious to his advances, for the most part. Just like Oshitari's in GakuPuri.) but I don't know. I think I'd like Kazuhi's the best. :P
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